L’Afrique Living

An intense interior designer of residential and commercial spaces since 2006,
Nandi strives to design unique, signature interiors that will elevate the quality of
her client’s living and working environments.

With more than 13 years of spatial planning experience, she possesses an innate ability
to create and design signature interiors that restore, exude and ignite.
Contemplative, soul restoration through the medium of space creation is her core.

With an eye for quality and an intrinsic passion for African-inspired design, Nandi has
developed and founded L’afrique Living. The L’afrique edge is centred upon the desire
to boldly express African pattern, motif and styling in contemporary interior design and
product design. The philosophy is based on authenticity and seeks to uncover
and celebrate that which is distinctly African in the mainstream design space.

She is a self-driven, entrepreneur who values the ethic of human application, gender
equality and the unashamed positioning of black women in the business expanse.
“Women hold an inherent ability to lead by example, champion for the uplifting
of others and the development of multitudes.”

Nandi believes that as we see more women take positions of leadership in the
fundamental and main environs of South Africa, it shall result in a paradigm
and measurable transference of some of the crucial sore points of the economy.   

L’Afrique Living

Nandi Ngcobo
President and founder of L’afrique Living
National Diploma Interior Design-
BSID 2005
Bachelor of Architectural Studies-
University of KwaZulu Natal 2011  

A qualified Architectural Technologist and Interior Designer, Nandi seeks to achieve the following objectives: -

• To introduce a new benchmark in African inspired interior design and décor
• To create a revolution within the product design, home ware and interiors space
• Restore African idealism through highly aesthetic interior design and decorating
• Establish a “new trend” and norm for what is deemed beautiful
• Challenge the status quo, that Western design is the highest order of aesthetics
• Lay the building blocks for the dawn of African chic to the world at large
• Create trade relations between South Africa and the continent of Africa
• Meaningful participation of a young, black, female owned business in the mainstream economy

She aims to inspire a wellness focused interior design movement which realizes that the quality of our residential and commercial spaces can greatly influence our physical health, as well as our emotional state of mind.  

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